Jewellery Care

Your Sana Al Maktoum Fine Jewellery creation is custom made specially for you. As your piece will contain diamonds or sapphires in inclusion to other stones, there is specific care required for each gem stone as well as care for the 18K gold that forms a part of your piece. In order for your piece to last a long time in lustre, here are some tips for taking care of your jewellery:


All our pieces are made in 18K gold. To prevent any scratches, try to keep your gold jewellery from rubbing against other pieces of jewellery (our signature packaging and box is a great storage solution for your piece!). In addition to this, never wear your jewellery while playing any active sports or in the shower, as this may cause damage and build-up. Certain cleaning products, perfumes, creams may also tarnish your piece, so do use them mindfully.  Always clean your jewellery with 10 parts warm water, two parts dish soap, and a soft brush before drying it with a soft cloth. 

White gold will require a little extra TLC. A polish and rhodium plating will return it to near original shine and remove any marks of wear and tear. We offer a complimentary first cleaning within 2 years of purchase - please contact our customer care team on for assistance. 


Due to its strong, resilient nature, diamonds can only be cut by other diamonds, so you don't need to worry about scratches on your diamonds within your piece. There are cases due to which very heavy impact has caused damages to diamond stones. You do however, need to be aware of your diamond scratching another stone which can lead to damages. In order to avoid scratching of the stones, it is recommended to pair or stack your jewellery carefully especially on the wrists or fingers. To clean your diamond jewellery, you can soak it in water with a few drops of mild dish soap and then clean with a toothbrush once or twice a week. Make sure the toothbrush is new and reserved for cleaning jewellery only. The back of the diamond tends to collect the most oil and dirt, so don't forget to turn it around and clean it too.


It is advised to lean your sapphire with warm water, a splash of degreasing dish  and scrub with a soft brush, rinse and dry it out with a soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning product that has moisturizing, abrasive or anti-static properties as this will leave a residue and potentially may damage the stone. If you want to deep clean the piece, then let it soak in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes before carrying out the cleaning process.